Was Obama's EPA Colluding With a Chinese Truck Company to Kill American Jobs?

The lefty media is very interested in corporate scandals. Unless it's their own scandals.

Read the media and all you'll hear about "glider kits" is that they're "super-polluting". And a Federal court has decided that the EPA can regulate, but not deregulate

A federal appeals court on Wednesday temporarily blocked a decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that would have lifted strict limits on the number of remanufactured heavy duty vehicles known as “glider trucks” that could be sold.

EPA issued a memo on July 6 that said the agency would not enforce a limit of up to 300 gliders per manufacturer. The EPA in November formally proposed undoing the glider rule but has not finalized it. The EPA, which said Wednesday it was reviewing the decision, had said in its memo that enforcing the rules would result “in the loss of jobs” and threaten the viability of companies making the glider trucks.

Volvo Group North America, Cummins Inc and Navistar International Corp said last year they opposed efforts to reverse the limits on glider trucks.

Of course they do. And there's been some questions about collusion raised about Obama's dirty EPA.

Their suit comes days after the House Committee on Science Space and  Technology launched an investigation into potential collusion between lobbyists and EPA officials to keep regulations in place.

The committee obtained emails suggesting Volvo and the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association worked with top EPA officials at the National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to put together a report on emissions from glider kits.

Emails and the involvement of auto lobbyists in procuring vehicles to test “raise serious questions as to the objectivity and legitimacy of the [EPA] study” that has been held up by glider opponents, including Volvo, as evidence of why refurbished engine sales should be limited.

Glider kits are trucks with refurbished engines fitted into new chassis. The glider industry sprang up as truckers looked for an alternative to new trucks that had to comply with ever-stricter federal regulations.

The Obama administration took action in 2016 to close what’s described by environmental activists as a “loophole” by reclassifying gliders as new vehicles, despite the fact they are refurbished engines. The Clean Air Act only gives EPA authority to regulate new vehicles.

EPA regulations limited glider sales to 300 a year, crippling the industry. Glider sales hit 10,000 vehicles in 2015, according to EPA estimates.

So we've got truck companies, with an obvious interest, advocating environmental regulations that would impose a burden on businesses.

Volvo Group, incidentally, is owned by China. So was Obama's EPA colluding with a Chinese company to kill American jobs?