Bernie Sanders Strategist Listed in Mueller Exhibits

This was a particularly bad time for Bernie Sanders to try and get his McCarthy on. Aside from his own past with Communist front groups, his honeymoon in the Soviet Union and the time he flew a Soviet flag, his guy just got dragged into the Mueller mess.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has released a list of 500 potential exhibits for Paul Manafort’s upcoming trial, including photos of his homes, cars, a pricey watch — and emails between Manafort and Tad Devine, Bernie Sanders’ top strategist in the presidential campaign.

Devine, a veteran political strategist, worked for Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his pro-Kremlin Party of Regions at the time, as did Manafort, the Washington Post reported.

Their email exchanges continued until the spring of 2014, and Devine went to work for Sanders later that year.

Earlier in the week, I had suggested that the DNC, Podesta leaks had nothing to do with the election and were about helping Bernie's lefty allies take over the DNC.

Targeting the DNC’s infrastructure also pushed the Democrats further to the left. The email hacks and leaks didn’t elect Trump, but did shake up the DNC. Bernie Sanders reemerged as the figurehead of a leftist movement to take over the DNC. Bernie’s boy, Keith Ellison, claimed the No. 2 spot at the DNC. And Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez, the left’s current crush, is the latest triumph for that machine.

The socialist left were the biggest beneficiaries of the DNC hacks. The stolen emails confirmed claims by the Bernie campaign that the process had been rigged against them. It justified their campaign to clean up the mess by taking over the DNC while wiping out key Democrats who had been opposed to them.

The left was also the political movement with the richest and deepest connections to Russian intelligence. The media claims that Putin and his old KGB comrades are the natural allies of the right, but the alliance between the far left and Russian intelligence agencies dates back almost a century.

On the other hand, we have key people from the Trump, Clinton and Sanders campaign enmeshed in this. And it has less to do with politics than the fact that Yanukovych and his people were casting a wide net. And that top political strategists are mercenaries.