Why Does Racism Never Prosper? Because When It Prospers, It's Not Racist

Sarah Jeong, the new hire at the New York Times, had an extensive history of racist (not to mention misandrist and heterophobic) tweets. Her legion of media defenders  (including her new bosses at the New York Times) insist that she was just defending herself against trolling by tweeting racist things against all white people, men, etc. 

And, in any case, she can't be racist as she is a member of a minority group. And minorities have no power.

But let's go to another case that's in the news now. And let's discuss who has and doesn't have power.

The former manager of the Valley Ave. Subway store is responding to a heated confrontation caught on video. ... Ultimately Clark is forced out of the door and that's when you hear Epperson use the “N” word. She says she felt threatened at the time.

"He punched me in my face. I pushed him out the door because that was the only thing I knew to do. I felt like I was in danger. I pushed him out the door. He punches me in my face and as soon as I shut the door, the only thing that came out of my mouth was, 'N*****,' and I'm sorry. It could have been a Mexican standing there. It popped out of my mouth that's what that Mexican would have got called. That white person would have got called that too," Epperson said.

Epperson was fired Thursday because of what took place. She claims she used the wrong choice of words that day....

Epperson apologized several times and tells us she even has African-American family members. She told us what she said wasn’t meant to be hurtful.

We should in theory all be able to agree that shouting racist things at people is wrong. So is tweeting racist things. Except the left refuses to agree to that. It yowls about power.

But who has more power, the new writer for the biggest and most influential paper in the country or a Subway manager? And who feels more threatened, a blogger getting nasty tweets or a woman being punched in the face by a man?

Who has more power, Epperson or Jeong? 

It's easy to tell. Because Jeong will have a job despite tweeting multiple racist things about white people. While Epperson won't. Nor will anyone else hire her. 

If racism is really about power, then Sarah Jeong's racism should be even more unacceptable because of the power that she wields. Racism isn't about power. But getting away with it is. Much like treason, racism can never prosper. Because when it does, it isn't racism.

Those who are in power can never be racist.

That's why Obama has never been held accountable for his meeting with Farrakhan. It's why the Congressional Black Caucus, the Women's March leaders and other powerful leftist figures have gotten away with being racist and being anti-Semitic. It's why Sarah Jeong and the New York Times will get away with it too. 

Why does racism never prosper? When it prospers, it's not racist.