People Creating Fake Profiles of Politicians is Not Cyberwarfare

Trolling is not cyberwarfare.

Comparing spam and trolling to a war, let alone Pearl Harbor and 9/11, and urging swift government crackdowns is creepy and totalitarian. And the media, which constantly whines about a war on the press, is the loudest in inciting a crackdown.

Take this utterly bizarre AP story. Please.

Campaigns on their own as cyber threats roil midterms

NEW YORK (AP) — Kamala Harris has been the target of social media misinformation campaigns since she became a U.S. senator.

Every month for the last 18 months, her office has discovered on average between three and five fake Facebook profiles pretending to be hers, according to a Harris aide. It’s unclear who creates the pages, which are often designed to mislead American voters about the ambitious Democratic senator’s policies and positions.

This is not cyberwarfare. Or a cyber threat. It isn't roiling the midterms.

People create fake profiles for a variety of reasons ranging from spam to parody to political hostility. It's not a "threat".

The aide spoke on the condition of anonymity, like more than a half dozen campaign officials contacted for this story, for fear of attracting unwanted attention from adversaries or scrutiny on the Senate office’s evolving cybersecurity protocols.

For fear of what? Fake profiles?

The AP is creating a paranoid atmosphere over... fake profiles.

In the case of California Sen. Harris, who is considered a 2020 presidential prospect, her office plans to continue rooting out fake social media profiles on its own. They have had no contact with the FBI. They have reported the issue to Facebook in every case — not the other way around.

Because the FBI is supposed to root out fake profiles?