Random House Just Printing Obama Fanfic

This is quite the cultural moment we're having here. And two books capture the spectrum of the lefty reading public, "Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (this Is Not a Joke) by Keith Olbermann" and "Hope Never Dies" by Andrew Shaffer.

One is an unhinged rant about Trump. The other is Obama fanfic. Both books embody the essential childish mentality of today's left.

The fact that both were published by major respectable publishing houses says it all.

Hope Never Dies is particularly striking since it's unabashed fanfic about Obama and Biden solving mysteries. You can almost picture the author playing with action figures of the two hacks for inspiration while making them kiss each other. And it was published by Penguin Random House which is heavily promoting it.

Obama and Biden are the ultimate crime-fighting team in 'Hope Never Dies" - Washington Post

The Obama-Biden Bromance Continues. This Time in a Mystery Novel.- New York Times

Barack And Joe Solve A Murder Mystery - NPR

In a way, nothing else really needs to be said. It's simply pathetic.

And yes, there's a sequel. Hope Rides Again.

If you can't have reality, you can always have delusion.