Leftist Eco-Terrorist Caught Fleeing Cuba for Russia

Finally the Democrat 2020 primary has a front runner. He's a leftist eco-terrorist and his middle name is Mahmoud. What's not to like?

Prosecutors say a former Seattle man wanted in connection with an eco-terrorism conspiracy dating back two decades has been arrested in Cuba. Prosecutors say that in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Joseph Mahmoud Dibee joined about a dozen animal rights and environmental activists in setting fires around the West.

Dibee and 11 co-conspirators known as The Family are linked to more than 40 criminal acts over a six-year period beginning in 1995 that caused more than $45 million in damage, authorities told CBS Portland affiliate KOIN. 

His crimes were linked to the Earth Liberation Front of the Animal Liberation Front.

Another lefty terrorist group.

And he was apparently doing a world tour of lefty friendly countries.

Dibee fled the U.S. in December 2005, a month before he was indicted. The U.S. Attorney said in court Dibee has been traveling to Mexico, Lebanon, Russia, Syria, El Salvador, Ecuador and Cuba since 2005, and carried passports for Russia and Syria, KOIN reports.

Cuban authorities detained Dibee, now 50, before he boarded a flight for Russia. He pleaded not guilty Friday to federal arson and conspiracy charges in Portland, Oregon. 

Not the collusion that leftists are looking for. Yet, lefties seem to have a history of fleeing to Russia after committing crimes in America. Ask Edward Lee Howard or Edward Snowden. 

But Mahmoud also appears to have spent time in Syria.

In 2008, Dibee was believed to have been living in Syria with family members and federal officials announced a $50,000 reward for his arrest.

He thought he would be safe in Cuba. But the Cuban government is too nervous about Trump. And so instead of living it up in Moscow, Dibee will be brought to justice before becoming joining Bradley Manning as a lefty hero seeking political office.