Cynthia Nixon is a Clown and the Media Won't Say So

The media is quick to 'clownify' conservatives, especially if they're women, to portray them as absurd, unfit and unhinged freaks, often using sexist dog whistles to do it. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are just a few of the women who have been on the receiving end of that treatment.

But then take Cynthia Nixon, who actually is a clown, who managed to launch a sexism accusation over debate hall air conditions, whose views and politics run the gamut from illiterate to unhinged, who is in bed with anti-Semitic leftist movements, who has bent over backward to rally extremists, and who, on top of everything else, is running on the faded celebrity of being on Sex and the City, gets a pass.

The media produces flattering profiles of her. It doesn't treat her like the clown that undeniably is.

That isn't quite the same thing as support. Nixon hasn't gotten the media cheerleading squad that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did. (That's understandable, the DSA has mixed feelings about her and without orders from the Politburo, nothing happens at Pravda). 

But it's the kid glove treatment allowed to a leftist in good standing. Even if she happens to be an embarrassing clown.