Breaking News: Anonymous Washington Insider Hates Trump

The media just can't stop offering campaign contributions to President Trump.

The New York Times had a whopper of one with, "I Am a Part of the Resistance at Cocktail Parties and the Trump Administration". The story, like 90% of what the Times and the Washington Post print, is only of interest within the establishment echo chamber.

Except that it validates Trump's claim of being an outsider at war with the Washington D.C. establishment.

"Washington D.C. Insider Hates Trump" isn't news. For the same reason that Woodward's Fear isn't.

Trump ran on draining the swamp. It's hard to think of stories that favor that slogan better than sniping from insiders. Like so much that the Times and the Post print, what seems damning to the establishment, plays well in the rest of the country.