Why is the Media Taking Compulsive Liar Julia Salazar's Claims of Israeli Sexual Assault Seriously?

Julia Salazar lied about being an immigrant, when she was actually born in Miami.

She lied about being raised Jewish, when she was baptized and raised in a Christian family.

She lied about growing up working class, when she grew up in a mansion.

Then there's the failure of the DSA socialist candidate to graduate from Columbia, an alleged affair with Keith Hernandez leading to an arrest over accusations that she had tried to illegally access the financial info of Keith's wife.

Now Julia Salazar is trying to play the victim by claiming that an aide to Prime Minister Netanyahu had tried to sexually assaulted her. And despite her pattern of lies and bizarre behavior, the media is taking it seriously.

That's the same media that claims that Salazar "misstated" her origins when she lied about being an immigrant.

Julia Salazar has the track record of a compulsive liar with an anti-Semitic history on Twitter and is an anti-Israel activist. That means that there's zero reason to believe her. Which hasn't stopped the media from treating her as a credible accuser.