The Media Keeps Lying About Julia Salazar's Lies

Julia Salazar, a Socialist DSA candidate running in New York, lied about everything. And the media keeps lying about her lies.

The simplest and most obvious lie is Julia's claim that she was an immigrant when she was actually born in Miami. The socialist tried to blame a staff member for this and a Village Voice reporter tried to defend her (media whitewashers have exploited both talking points), but she was caught saying it on video.

So it's a lie. And the media keeps lying about it.

Take this extended Rolling Stone profile by Tana Ganeva.

On August 23rd, two weeks after the Chapo event, Tablet magazine published a story that questioned Salazar’s Jewish heritage and emphasized that she’d been born in Miami (other outlets reported her birthplace as Colombia, which her campaign failed to correct. As mentioned, Salazar had previously told reporters she was born in Miami and chalks up the error to confusion by staffers). 

Salazar said it herself. Repeatedly.

Or this Daily Beast profile by Emma Whitford, the Village Voice reporter who had been defending Salazar on Twitter.

Salazar did not immigrate from Colombia as a small child—details of her biography were apparently misunderstood even among her own campaign staff—but was born and raised outside of Miami 

Salazar repeatedly told people she was an immigrant. And was caught on video doing it. The staff excuse is nonsense.

Both the Daily Beast and Rolling Stone have published deliberately misleading pieces whitewashing Salazar that can be disproven by looking at a single video clip.

The media is furious when it's described as "Fake News". But what conceivable defense is there of fake news like this?

WNYC admits "As far as her personal narrative, Salazar has also taken heat for misrepresenting the truth. She has said in various interviews and campaign statements that she's an immigrant of Jewish heritage who grew up working class, all of which now appears to be technically false. "

Technically false? Is there some sense in which lying about being an immigrant isn't false?