Christians are a Persecuted Minority in Most Muslim Countries, In Which Countries are Muslims a Persecuted Minority?

As refugee numbers get capped to a more reasonable, though still far too high number, the media is once again complaining that Obama's discriminatory refugee policies which pushed down Christian refugees while ushering in majority Muslim migrants are being reversed.

But while Christians are persecuted, and subjected to ethnic cleansing, across much of the Muslim world, there are very few countries in which Muslims can claim to be a persecuted minority. 

Even if you accept leftist narratives, that means Myanmar (the claims of persecution are highly dubious, but even going with the narrative), China, and a few other countries.

Muslims rarely remain a minority. They usually find ways of becoming a majority. There are ongoing examples of that throughout Africa, especially in Nigeria. There are few countries where Muslims can credibly claim to be an oppressed minority. Let alone subject to ethnic cleansing

The left claims to care about oppressed minorities. So why does it want to move an oppressor majority to the front of the line, ahead of oppressed minorities?