Jewish School Vandalized w/Pro-Hamas "Free Palestine" Graffiti

But remember, BDS is a "non-violent" movement.

A Jewish day school in Toronto was vandalized with pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas slogans over the long weekend, B’nai Brith Canada learned after receiving a call to its Anti-Hate Hotline.

On Tuesday, staff arrived at the Leo Baeck Day School, South Campus to find that various signs were defaced with statements reading, “Free Palestine,” “Long Live Palestine,” and “Long Life [sic] to the Hamas.”

The vandalism was discovered just days after two Israeli civilians were gunned down in a terror attack at a West Bank factory. The murders were celebrated by Hamas, with representatives handing out candy shortly after the attack.

The use of "to the" suggests that the attacker is not a native English speaker, but likely an immigrant. And the grammatical mistake is one that's often made by people from the Middle East.

Toronto has a sizable Muslim population.

Hamas is a genocidal anti-Semitic Islamic movement that has praised Hitler and murdered countless Jews. Its appearance on a Jewish school should be read as a terror threat.

But it won't be treated way. Even though it should.