Media's Khashoggi Obsession Contrasts With its Lack of Interest in Turkey's 50,000 Political Prisoners

Turkey's totalitarian Islamic regime holds an estimated 50,000 political prisoners.

Erdogan, its dictator, recently staged a fake Reichstag fire coup, which he used as a pretext for dismantling what was left of Turkey's independent judiciary and law enforcement, which had been investigating his assistance to Islamic terrorists.

Political prisoners were beaten, starved and even raped in the left's "model" Islamic democracy.

And the media couldn't care less.

Now it's pushing Turkey's claims about Jamal Khashoggi and his supposed abduction and possible execution by Saudi Arabia.

It is not doing this because it cares about human rights or political dissidents. If it did, it wouldn't be taking its lead from Turkey and Qatar. It's against Saudi Arabia because it turned against the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The media remains uninterested in American hostages like Pastor Andrew Brunson being held in Turkey.

This is not about human rights. It's not about the supposed plight of Jamal Khashoggi. It's about the media taking sides in a conflict between Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE on one side, and Qatar, Turkey and Iran on the other.

Even a brief review of the media coverage of this story and of the fighting in Yemen make it abundantly clear which side the media is on.

It's time to call out the media's hypocrisy and lies. And demand that it pay attention to the 50,000 political prisoners in Turkey, instead of doing the bidding of Turkey's terrorist regime.