Turkey Must Free Pastor Andrew Brunson Before Trump Tackles Khashoggi  

The media's screeching about Jamal Khashoggi is in sharp contrast to its disdain for the plight of Pastor Andrew Brunson, who is being held hostage by Turkey's Islamist regime. He is one of several Americans being used as a hostage by the Turkish tyrant.

President Trump should not let the media and certain senators stampede him into action against Saudi Arabia on behalf of Turkey and Qatar.

Not without first securing the release of American hostages from Turkey.

If Turkey wants us to intervene in the Jamal Khashoggi case, it must first release all of its American hostages. Especially Pastor Brunson.

Until Turkey does this, no arm of the United States government should express the least bit of interest in Jamal Khashoggi.

Any Senators who express an interest in the case of Jamal Khashoggi must make it clear that any action they take will be contingent on the release of Brunson and the other American hostages by Turkey.

Unfortunately it's too late for that as media hysteria stampeded some senators and some figures in the administration in expressing concern. But that's as far as it should go.

President Trump has made it clear before that the free ride is over. 

The basic idea of a good deal is not doing favors for an enemy regime (Turkey currently faces sanctions for holding American hostages) until it frees all our people and lets them go back home.

Ignore the media. Do the right thing.

Secure the freedom of Pastor Andrew Brunson and all the other American hostages. Let them come home.