Media: Soros Conspiracy Theories are Anti-Semitic, Adelson Conspiracy Theories Are What We Do

The media is a pathetic and disgusting joke.

Like the rest of the left, it has no standards, just agendas. It will say anything, no matter how contradictory, to advance its agendas.

And a day or two after the media outlets threw a coordinated tantrum over the criticisms of George Soros, claiming that conspiracy theories about him are anti-Semitic, it went right back to trafficking in conspiracy theories about billionaire Republican donors, like the Koch brothers, and Sheldon Adelson.

It began with a ProPublica piece, variants on the theme quickly popped up in Esquire, New York Magazine and the rest of the fashionably hateful left. Catherine Rampell, who was just shrieking that attacks on Soros invoke the International Jew, could not be reached for comment.

But it's helpful to remember three things...

1. The left is a bunch of hypocritical, pathological liars

2. The left has not a single standard that it will not violate the next minute

3. The ends always justify the means.