After Obama, US Tops World Economic Forum Again

What a difference American exceptionalism makes.

For the first time in a decade, the United States was crowned the world’s most competitive economy by the organization behind the Davos economic forum.

The World Economic Forum on Wednesday released its latest global competitiveness report, which looked at 140 economies based on 98 wide-ranging social, political and economic factors. The organization assessed a variety of metrics, including infrastructure, information and communications technology, macroeconomic stability, health, skills and labor market. Countries were given scores out of 100.

The U.S. took the top slot with a score of 85.6, buoyed by its capacity for innovation, evident in its high scores in business dynamism and entrepreneurial culture. The report also highlighted the nation’s strong labor market and financial system.

That's since 2008.

Believing in America makes a huge difference. Unleashing its potential makes an even bigger one.

Now just imagine what we could do if Trump's economic reforms were actually adopted. Imagine a nation not crippled by a mass of illegal aliens driving up wages and eating up social services. Imagine an even playing field on trade. Imagine if we didn't have to spend a fortune policing Islamic terrorists because they were already barred from entering this country. Imagine.