Dem Rep Claims He Never Said the Trump Conspiracy Theory He Said on CNN

October 19, 2018Daniel Greenfield

Whom are you gonna believe, Castro or Castro?

The Intercept, funded by a Franco-Persian billionaire, is widely promoted by the left, even as it functions as a very obvious clearinghouse for smears from various foreign and anti-American political interests. And one of its smears has hit the big time with Castro.

No, not that Castro. Rep. Julian Castro. Aspiring Dem contender in 2020. And peddler of assorted crazed Trump conspiracy theories.

CASTRO: “I know, Poppy, that there has been a lot of discussion about this. There will be more discussion on CNN and all the other networks today. Let me get to the point that I think is most disturbing right now. The reporting that Jared Kushner may have with U.S. intelligence delivered a hit list, an enemy’s list to the Crown Prince, to MBS in Saudi Arabia, and that the Prince then may have acted on that and one of the people he took action against is Mr. Khashoggi.”

HARLOW: “Just to be clear, congressman, we don’t have — I just want to be clear for our viewers, we do not have that reporting. I’m not sure where you’re getting that from.”

CASTRO: “There has been reporting to that effect, sure.”

HARLOW: “Not CNN reporting.”

CASTRO: “I have seen reporting to that effect, sure.”


Then Castro put out a statement claiming that he never said the thing he said. On video.

"To be clear, I did not intend to accuse Jared Kusher of orchestrating the killing of Jamal Khashoggi."

Whenever you have to say, "to be clear", you're in trouble.

But since he misspelled Kushner's name, maybe that's Castro's loophole. He didn't accuse Kusher, he did accuse Kushner.

Or maybe Kushner made him say that.

Castro then tweeted a number of media hit pieces, but the one closest to claiming what he does is... The Intercept. That's predictable as it's a notorious sinkhole of Qatari propaganda. Even more so than the rest of the media. And the Qataris hate MBS and Kushner.