"Anti-Racist" CNN Commentator Defends Farrakhan Ties

Marc Lamont Hill, a CNN commentator, spends a lot of time screaming about white racism. He's far more comfortable with black racism.

After a photo of him with racist hate group leader, Louis Farrakhan, came out, Hill tried to have it both ways.

"The last 24 hours have been crazy. I have been getting challenged from many directions based on an old picture of @LouisFarrakhan and me that emerged. A lot of misrepresentations have been made. So I will speak for myself," Hill tweeted.

The picture came from a meeting that I had with Minister Farrakhan in 2016. He invited me to listen to a new project and discuss a range of issues.

My disagreement with Minister @louisFarrakhan on LGBT/Jewish issues is principled and sincere. We see the world differently on those issues, as well as specific comments that the Minister has made recently.

Although I disagree with the Minister on those important issues, I will not allow that to be an excuse for allowing dishonest media or poorly intentioned observers to create unnecessary division. I will not be told who to speak to, sit with, or engage.

Black people are the only group who are demanded to throw people away, rather than critically engage and challenge them. Regardless of what headlines say, that is not my position.

Hill's claim that expecting black people to denounce the racists they associate with is some sort of racism is bizarre. And yet it's also typical. 

A white person hanging out with David Duke would never keep a CNN deal. Marc Lamont Hill. 

Worse he casually dismisses Farrakhan's admiration for Hitler and vile anti-Semitic slurs as a matter of "disagreement". Instead of fundamentally rejecting a hate group, Hill argues that he should be allowed to continue associating with a racist leader.

And that critics of his associating with a racist are somehow being racist.

This is the kind of garbage that's routinely used to defend black nationalist racism. And it's how black nationalist racism so often gets a pass.