Democrat Hated by Most Americans Won't Give In to Pleas to Run for President

Don't bother demanding, pleading or asking nicely, it won't work. 

Nancy Pelosi chooses not to run.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi revealed during a Monday interview that she gets asked all the time why she hasn’t run for president.

By Republicans?

Half the GOP House slate is already running against her. She's wildly unpopular among registered voters and even among Dems.

Voters are finding less to like about Nancy Pelosi, according to a new Gallup poll published on Tuesday.

The poll, conducted from June 1- 13, shows Pelosi, the House minority leader, has a favorability rating of just 29 percent among voters overall, marking a 5 point drop from the last time the poll was conducted in 2016.

Meanwhile, 53 percent say they do not support her.

There are at least 20 House Democratic nominees who have said publicly that they will not back her for speaker if they do win the majority.

Among Democrats, 55 percent saw her favorably, matching the lowest rating recorded among her own party's voters in 2009, Gallup reports.

The latest numbers aren't that much better.

Forty-eight percent of registered voters view Pelosi negatively, versus 22 percent who have a positive opinion of her 

So yes, why hasn't she run for president?

“People ask me all the time, ‘why haven’t you run for president?'” Pelosi claimed. “I love the legislative process, I really do. No, I’m not going to run for president."

That's just what 2020 needs.