Washington Post Ran Pro-Soros Piece From Employee of Soros-Funded Group w/o Disclosure

The media was always biased. But it used to abide by certain forms and norms. It worked, in the parlance of the Left, "within the system". Now it's making a mockery of the system, blatantly abusing its processes, while claiming all of its authority.

Typical of this is the media, which has become little more than the messaging arm of the Democrats and their radical leftist faction, which demands that competing media outlets on the right be censored in order to fight "fake news" (but Trump describing it as "fake news" is depicted as a threat to the First Amendment), while claiming that it practices the highest standards of dispassionate journalism.

Here is a fairly typical example of the media's casually routine abuses from my article today.

Criticizing George Soros, an anti-Semite and alleged Nazi collaborator, is anti-Semitic. The Washington Post alone ran two dishonest screeds, “Conspiracy Theories about Soros Aren't Just False, They're Anti-Semitic” and “A Conspiracy Theory about George Soros and a Migrant Caravan Inspired Horror.”

The former comes from Talia Lavin, a former New Yorker fact checker who had to resign after falsely claiming that a wheelchair bound ICE agent’s Afghanistan platoon tattoo was Nazi insignia. Seeing her potential for smearing people, Media Matters hired her as a “researcher” on “far-right extremism”.

What wasn’t good enough for the New Yorker was good enough for the Washington Post, which brought in a disgraced employee of Media Matters, an organization funded by George Soros, to accuse Soros critics of anti-Semitism. The Post did not see fit to inform readers of the fact that its pro-Soros screed was funded by a Soros group, only describing Lavin as “a writer and researcher based in Brooklyn”.

The Post could have surely found someone who wasn't working for a group that received a sizable amount of money from Soros to write an unhinged piece attacking his critics with false charges of anti-Semitism (particularly obscene coming on behalf of a man who has repeatedly justified anti-Semitism), but why bother?

Media ethics and standards are as dead as disco.

The media is no longer even bothering to hide the debauched corruption of its profession.