Susan Rice Pens Pro-Qatar, Pro-Iran Times Op-Ed

This is the collusion we can't seem to talk about.

Susan Rice, Obama's former UN crony, has written an op-ed for the New York Times (itself redundant) attacking Saudi Arabia for, among others, being mean to Qatar and Iran.

Rice whines that the Saudi crown prince, "imposed a spiteful, full-blown blockade on neighboring Qatar, another important American partner, and has sought to goad the United States into conflict with Iran."

I like the "spiteful" part.

Qatar is an Islamic state sponsor of terror. It's got friendly ties to everyone from Hamas to Al Qaeda to the Taliban. And yet it's got a mortgage on the Democrats and even part of the GOP foreign policy establishment.

And, of course, it's in bed with Iran.

Remember when Obamaites were claiming that they were tough on Iran. Here's Rice bashing the Saudis for a conflict with Iran. You might have thought that Iran abducting and abusing American sailors on TV would be a goad to a conflict.

Or the time that Iran locked up the Tehran bureau chief for the Washington Post and tortured him (compared WaPo's mininalistic outrage over that to Khashoggimania). 

But nope.

Also note how the media and political interests are trying to relaunch Khashoggimania (their obsession with an Islamist anti-Semite) after the mass murder of Jews with yet another push of fake news stories from Turkish sources and editorials by insiders like Rice.

If we're going to talk collusion, let's talk Turkey. Not to mention Qatar and Iran.