Bernie Sanders is His Own Favorite Author

Not a surprise to anyone who has been covering Bernie.

The socialist millionaire is an egomaniac who has been at this as much out of ego as greed. Bernie is exactly the kind of person who would tout his own book, when he's supposed to recommend an inspirational work, without having a clue about the social miscue.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was ripped on Reddit for shamelessly promoting his new book after being asked to name his favorite book.

The Democratic Socialist appeared on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Friday, where supporters and foes alike can directly pose questions to the senator.

“I'm on @reddit_AMA right now answering your questions about the election on Tuesday - the most important election of our lives. AMA!” Sanders tweeted before the session.

But one Sanders’ answer in particular prompted mockery and criticism after brazenly plugging his book when quizzed about his favorite book.

“My favorite book at the moment is a brand new book that I wrote that will be coming out in a couple weeks called ‘Where We Go From Here,’” he wrote in an answer.

“This book talks about the work that I and other progressives have been doing over the last two years in opposition to Trump’s reactionary agenda and how we go forward in creating a government that works for all, and not just the wealthy few.”

... the wealthy few... like Bernie.

Bernie is also his own favorite elected official. And his album of spoken word poetry is currently his favorite song.