4 Black Teens Hurl Pole Through Synagogue Window at Sabbath Prayers, Media Silent (VIDEO)

James Polite, a Democrat African-American lefty activist, was arrested for writing threatening graffiti and starting a fire at one Jewish institution. Two other black men are sought for writing anti-Semitic graffiti.

And there is this blatant violent attack on a synagogue during Sabbath prayers.

A group of teens launched a metal pole through a glass window of a Brooklyn synagogue as members of the congregation observed the Sabbath on Saturday evening, authorities said.

“People were praying inside at the time,” a man who was at the temple on Franklin Avenue near Myrtle Avenue in Williamsburg said on Sunday. “Everyone is upset already. So, this we don’t need this now.”


Congregants on Sunday covered up the gaping hole in the synagogue window with a piece of black plastic.

Can we have that conversation about black anti-Semitism now?


Instead the media will pivot away from the subject, while still ranting about how Trump, somehow, encourages anti-Semitic violence, while its own people continue carrying out anti-Semitic attacks against Jews.

But we can't talk about it.