You Won't Have Jim Acosta to Kick Around Anymore

CNN made the perfect foil for President Trump because it's so ideologically vacuous. And the most vacuous figure is Jim Acosta.

Now Jimmy got suspended from being able to posture in front of the camera by shouting at President Trump.

It's a win, win.

CNN will be able to posture as a leading member of the #Resistance, even though it really doesn't believe in anything except ratings. Acosta will be able to play a wounded First Amendment martyr for a little while before going back to the same old shtick.

Much of the media hates Acosta and CNN. And that's why President Trump keeps picking fights with CNN. And vice versa.

The synergy is perfect.

CNN is a media weak link. It's a narcissistic operation run by people who don't understand news and don't care. Its prominence is due more to branding than any value or worth. And so by propping them up, Trump weakens the media.