Anti-Semitic Democrat DSA Candidate Got 44% of the Vote

The media is blathering endlessly about Arthur Jones, an anti-Semitic candidate running on the Republican line, who was disavowed by Republicans, and came nowhere close to winning.

It isn't interested in talking about Maria Estrada, an anti-Semitic Democrat candidate, who continued to be backed by the Democratic Socialists of America, and Bernie supporters, despite numerous anti-Semitic statements, support for Farrakhan and condemnations by Jewish civil rights groups.

 “Democrats turn a blind eye to the genocide against Palestinians and justify it by bringing up the Holocaust. As if what happened 70 years ago justifies it. Anyone who believes they are one of ‘God’s chosen people’ automatically feels superior and justified in all they do."

However, on October 6, 2017 she claimed non-Jews could not be Zionists without being influenced by Jewish friends or loved ones. In this same exchange, she commented that she “enjoys listening to Farrakhan’s sermons”, 

 and a more recent post, on May 14, in which she criticized California Democratic Chair Eric Bauman for not keeping “your party, your religion and your people in check.”

After all that, Maria Estrada performed quite well.

District 63 Lakewood

198 of 198 precincts - 100 percent

Anthony Rendon, Dem (i) 33,860 - 56 percent

Maria Estrada, Dem 26,449 - 44 percent

44% of voters, mostly lefties attacking Rendon for not having backed an unfinanced socialized medicine plan, decided to vote for the anti-Semitic candidate.

And the media won't talk about it.

And Republicans have failed to confront the media about it.

Maria Estrada was able to fundraise through ActBlue. The prog platform failed to respond to questions about that. She enjoyed the backing of the local DSA and Feel the Bern operations. And 26,449 lefties comfortable with anti-Semitism voted for her.