Muslim Subway Bomber: "I Was Angry With Donald Trump"

The news cycle moves quickly. So most people have probably forgotten about the Muslim terrorist who tried to bomb the New York subway in support of ISIS.

Akayed Ullah came to this country from Bangladesh in 2011 as a product of chain migration. And he paid America back.

Now he's been convicted of his crime. Which means taxpayers will be spending a fortune to keep him in prison.

 Akayed Ullah, a Bangladeshi immigrant who set off a pipe bomb in New York City's busiest subway station at rush hour, was convicted Tuesday of terrorism charges. After the verdict was announced and the jury left the room, Ullah spoke out, telling the judge: "I was angry with Donald Trump because he says he will bomb the Middle East and then he will protect his nation."

Judge Richard Sullivan told him: "Right now is not the time for a statement." 

The defense argument was that he was only trying to commit suicide. Clearly not true.

And there's a larger context.

NYPD Det. Daniel Byrne said defendant Akayed Ullah wrote on Facebook, “O Trump you fail to protect your nation,” at 6:36 a.m. on Dec. 11 as he took two subway trains to reach the bombing site.

Byrne, who interviewed Ullah after the attack, said the defendant ended his Facebook post with the Arabic word "baqiah," which is frequently used by the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS.

Later Wednesday, an expert on Middle Eastern terrorism said "baqiah" means to "remain" or "stay," and signifies ISIS’ determination to prevail over the West.

While we remain equally determined to bring terrorists to America.

Ullah had said that he committed his crimes for ISIS and Allah. And the radical Left helps those like Ullah try to kill us for Das Kapital.