The Pro-Mueller Protests are the Lamest #Resistance Protests Ever

Protests need 3 things.

1. Impact

2. Visibility

3. An Achievable Goal

Now a lot of the #Resistance protests fail 3 badly. And 1 is mixed. But the pro-Mueller protests fail even at 2. 

Too much of the focus is on the post-midterm drama and the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks. It's the worst possible time to roll out a half-hearted protest movement. Another one that is.

And then there's the impact.

Pro-Mueller protests by the Left only helps shape the perception that Mueller is their creature and doing their work. It doesn't help Mueller, all it does is aggrandize the lefty groups, like MoveOn, that are pushing this.

Nor is Trump likely to care. If anything it may turn him the other way.

So the pro-Mueller protests fail at all the three core elements of a protest.

Well done.