Women's March Too Anti-Semitic for Germany

Admiration for Hitler is now more socially acceptable on the American left than in Germany

When the Germans are telling you, you're too anti-Semitic, maybe you should reevaluate and take stock. Except the Women's March won't be doing that. Its leaders refuse to condemn and disassociate themselves from Louis Farrakhan. And plenty of lefties keep excusing and defending that position as a minor issue or due to a history of racial oppression.

So the Germans are taking a stand on the anti-Semitic that the American left won't stand up to.

The think tank for the German social democratic party withdrew its Human Rights Award to the Women’s March USA in Washington, DC, on Thursday because doctoral students associated with the foundation accused the organizers of the march of hardcore antisemitism and support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign targeting the Jewish state.

Too anti-Semitic for Germany. Almost anti-Semitic enough for The Forward.

The foundation, which generates ideas and policies for the Social Democratic Party, a governing party in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government, was slated to present its Human Rights Award to the Women’s March USA on November 12. According to the foundation award’s mission statement, it honors a “commitment to a strong, active and inclusive civil society.”

“An organization that may support feminism, but discriminates against Jews and Zionists and denies Israel’s right to exist should not be honored by a democratic foundation that advocates diversity and speaks out against discrimination,” the young academics added in their letter.

The graduate student academics said Sarsour “also spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories that resemble the classic antisemitic trope of blood libel. In September 2018, for instance, she claimed that when US police officers shoot unarmed black people, Jewish persons responsible would lurk in the background.”

According to the open letter, “Sarsour, Carmen Perez [another board member of Women’s March USA], and Tamika D. Mallory [co-chairwoman of Women’s March USA who is to receive the FES Human Rights Award], have attracted attention due to their long-standing support of the notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan, who, among other things, called Adolf Hitler a ‘very great man’ while recently comparing Jews to termites.”

Admiration for Hitler is now more socially acceptable on the American left than in Germany. That's progress. Of a kind.