The Media is About to Turn on Bob Woodward Again

In today's article on media hypocrisy, I documented some of the flip-flopping by the press on freedom of the press.

Under Obama, the media had punished negative reporting on the White House. Even Bob Woodward, recently the toast of the town for his attacks on Trump, came under siege when he complained about pressure from the Obama White House. The same media that claims that Trump’s insults represent a profound threat to the First Amendment, mocked Woodward for complaining about the intimidation.

NPR, The Atlantic, Politico, and the New York Times ridiculed Woodward’s complaints and accused him of being a “right-wing hero”. Under Obama, complaints of White House intimidation were suppressed. Under Trump, they’re exaggerated to absurdity. The media doesn’t have a problem with politicians intimidating reporters. Like their accusations of racism and sexism, the accusation of press intimidation is selectively political.

Then Bob Woodward came after Trump. And the media cheered him. But now he criticized CNN's icon of journalism.

Bob Woodward, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Watergate journalist whose recent book, "Fear," described chaotic infighting at the White House, on Tuesday criticized CNN for filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration and charged that too many media figures "have become emotionally unhinged."

Speaking at the Global Financial Leadership Conference in Naples, Florida, Woodward said "the remedy [isn’t suing the administration]. ... It’s more serious reporting about what he’s doing.” 

As proof of that, the media will begin attacking Bob Woodward.