Guardian Fake News: Brenda Snipes a Victim of Racism

The media used to be biased. Now it just invents narratives from an alternate dimension.

Here's a dispatch from a galaxy far, far away with no relation to actual events on Earth, Florida or Broward County.

A top elections official in Florida who endured national humiliation after missing a midterms recount deadline by two minutes has told the Guardian that racism is “probably” a factor in the backlash against her.

This is one of those stories you knew had to exist before it actually existed.

Snipes, 75, was condemned for sending results two minutes after 3pm deadline in the race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson

While it leads with this nonsense, at no point in time does The Guardian even bother to mention the last time Snipes got into trouble.

Here's a report from The Sun-Sentinel, by no means conservative.

A court ruled she had broken election law when she destroyed ballots from the 2016 election 12 months after it, instead of the 22 months required by federal law.

Election results in the 2016 primary were posted on the elections office’s website before polls closed, another violation of election law.

-- In 2012, almost 1,000 uncounted ballots were discovered a week after the election

But yes, it's all racism.