Why Did SNL Praise Amazon's Boss? Because He Owns the Washington Post

Ask an obvious question. Get an equally obvious answer.

Why Did Saturday Night Live celebrate Jeff Bezos? The Atlantic wonders.

Clearly, to SNL Bezos is the hero of the week, because he’s a rich guy who can stand up to Trump. The show has no qualms about mocking tech CEOs: In the Fox News sketch, Ingraham interviewed a nervous Mark Zuckerberg (played by Alex Moffat) about Facebook’s recent crises, and Moffat played him as a sort of malfunctioning robot vainly pretending to be a regular guy. But in an effort to further mock Trump, the show made a baffling decision to present Bezos as the suave antithesis of the president. It’s a perfect example of how tough it can be to thread political humor properly these days. Not everything has to be about the president, and not everyone Trump criticizes has to be a hero.

This time it's not really about Trump.

Bezos owns the Washington Post. The Post quickly ran SNL's laughless gag under the headline, "On SNL, a bald Steve Carell plays Jeff Bezos - and won't stop trolling Trump".

It was one of two pieces the Post ran on the mediocre show's mediocre entry.

SNL depends less on ratings and more on viral traffic. Licking Jeff's boots clean is a surefire formula for positive coverage from the Washington Post.

Ask an obvious question. Get an equally obvious answer.