Pro-Freedom Activists Protest Anti-Israel SJP BDS Hate at UCLA

As Students for Justice in Palestine, an anti-Semitic hate group, converged on UCLA, to hold its hatefest, pro-Israel activists stood up to the hate.

Despite calls from student groups, the conference by the notorious hate group went on.

Thirty-one student groups have called on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to nix an upcoming national conference by Students for Justice in Palestine — described as a “hate group” with a “history of violence on California campuses.”

In a letter organized by the advocacy group CAMERA on Campus, the Israel-focused clubs described SJP — a leading proponent of anti-Zionist activism on North American university campuses — as a “violent organization … which fuels campus anti-Semitism and which seeks the elimination of the world’s only Jewish-majority country.”

But Reservists on Duty, a pro-Israel group that fights anti-Semitism by pro-terrorist advocates, stood strong against them.

The days when Jews remained silent are over.