Airbnb Delists Jewish Homes in Judea, Samaria, Lists Homes in Tibet

Airbnb decided to kowtow to the anti-Semitic BDS movement by delisting Jewish homes in the Terrorist Occupied Territories in Judea and Samaria. 

Airbnb claims that it's removing homes in disputed areas, but it isn't removing Muslim homes in disputed areas, only Jewish ones.

This move is all the more hypocritical since Airbnb not only maintains Chinese language listings of homes in Tibet, but even lists Tibet as being in China.

This is typical of corporations and organizations that flirt with BDS when it comes to Israel, but bow to the People's Republic of China.

It's also a foolish one.

Airbnb has been having some problems in New York City. It's now made an enemy out of pro-Israel elected officials and organizations who should, make the shady dot com pay the price for aligning itself with an anti-Semitic movement.