Hamas Reconciliation Sheikh: “Tie Me To a Missile and Fire it at Tel Aviv"

"Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars/ Tie me to a rocket and shoot me at some Tel Aviv bars"

Reconciliation in the Muslim world means everyone agreeing to fight the infidels. Reconciliation in the parts of Israel occupied by Hamas and the PLO means everyone agreeing to fight the Jews.

Here's Sheikh Hussein Abu Ayada, head of the Tribes and Reconciliation Department at Hamas Ministry of Interior, plans for fighting the Jews.

Hussein Abu Ayada: Oh Al-Qassam Brigades, Oh Al-Quds Brigades, tie me to a missile and fire it at Tel Aviv. I am ready. Tie me to a missile. Enough with the humiliation and the disgrace!

Who needs suicide bombing when you can have suicide rocketry?

Somehow I suspect if the missile arrived, Abu Ayada would find some excuse not to be tied to it.

Our “brother”, the Gulf emirs oppose the Fatah-Hamas] reconciliation. They support the Jews in the destruction of Gaza. They do not want people in Gaza to memorize the Quran. They want them [to be addicted] to hashish and opioids.

Opoids and hashish seem to be doing great things here.

We have a score to settle with the Jews. The Prophet Muhammad promised victory for us.

He also promised that everyone would have 72 giant virgins made out of raisins.