Dem Mayor Raided by FBI After Casino Brawl (VIDEO)

Now that Avenatti is fading, the Dems have a promising new 2020 candidate.

Just to clarify, the nightclub brawl and the raid are probably not connected. It's just New Jersey Democrats being Jersey Dems. Also the video is of the brawl, rather than the men in blue windbreakers carrying out boxes, because that's a lot less interesting.

Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam is suffering further embarrassment after the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General released surveillance video of a brawl involving him and a town councilman outside a casino in the southern New Jersey town.

The fight, which occurred on Nov. 11, was previously reported, but video of the wild melee wasn't released until Thursday.

In the video, Gilliam and Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy are seen as part of a group of five men and two women who tangled in a parking area outside the Golden Nugget casino.

The surveillance video shows Gilliam, dressed in a gray suit, confronting someone before the group breaks up and Gilliam pursues an unidentified man in a white T-shirt. At the same time, Fauntleroy, wearing dark pants and a dark jacket, tosses a man to the ground and then squares up to trade punches.

A woman in knee-high black boots tries to hold Gilliam back and talk the mayor out of fighting, but he charges after the man in the white T-shirt after he throws punches with an associate. Gilliam is hit with a punch at one point and stumbles to the ground briefly before Fauntleroy chases the mayor out of the picture.

Hope. Change. Punch.

Anyway now the FBI has shown up, for reasons probably unrelated to the casino brawl.

FBI agents raided the home of Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam just before 8 a.m. Monday morning, the agency confirmed to NJ Advance Media.

"We can confirm that our agents were executing search warrant at the home of Mayor Frank Gilliam," said Doreen Holder, a public affairs specialist with the FBI's Newark office, declining to comment on the reasons for the possible seizure of documents.

At least a dozen agents were seen going in and out of the Ohio Avenue home Monday morning, removing more than 10 boxes. An FBI spokeswoman at the scene said both FBI and IRS agents were involved in the search of home.

We can play the usual, "If he were a Republican game", but why bother?

Everyone knows that Democrat crimes are treated as a local news story while Republican crimes are a national news story.