The Heckler's Veto and Leftist Violence in Portland

Many of you have seen this video going around of Andy Ngo, an un-PC journalist who has documented lefty abuses in Portland and Seattle before, being threatened by Antifa and then the Seattle PD.

It's outrageous, but not surprising.

The job of law enforcement in public places like this, as they see it, is to maintain public order and limit conflict as defined by the city fathers and mothers. In a prog city, that prioritizes lefty protests over freedom of speech by anyone else.

Antifa, like most lefty protesters, creates chaos. Because the media and the political authorities are on their side, law enforcement gives them more leeway and focuses on removing 'oxygen' from the fire by instead shutting down their conservative targets.

It's wrong and outrageous, but it's also inevitable. It's the heckler's veto in action. And the left knows exactly how to trigger it.

The fundamental issue here is that the cops don't protect your First Amendment rights. They're meant to operate within that framework. But it's the courts, elected officials and the media who are supposed to advocate for free speech.

When they fail to do so, it comes down to Antifa intimidation and whatever cops are on the scene trying to control the situation whiile keeping their pension.