Head of Fake News Network Considers Fake Run for Public Office

Dems running for president in 2020 has become the new drug. Everyone's doing it, I might as well join them.

In a wide-ranging podcast interview with one of his employees, CNN president Jeff Zucker revealed to The Axe Files host David Axelrod that he still wants to run for political office at some point.

"I still harbor somewhere in my gut that I'm still very interested in politics," he said in the interview, published Monday.

Zucker said he's "still interested" in running for office, adding, "It's something I would consider." (He also repeated twice during the 69-minute-long podcast that he'd love to run the Miami Dolphins football team in the future.)

Zucker, to recap, has little in the way of a political background. CNN brought him in to diversify its programming with more entertainment. He's most associated with morning shows and infotainment and CNN wasn't interested in covering the news under Obama.

And then the Trump tsunami arrived.

AT&T is reportedly not that thrilled with Zucker so he might be considering career alternatives, just not very realistic ones. And Zucker using CNN to promote himself is a blatant conflict of interest.

Or as CNN put it, "Axelrod is a CNN host, but that didn't stop him from asking Zucker some probing questions."

Here's one of those probing questions.

When asked if Trump's steady stream of anti-CNN comments are "personal," stemming from a sour relationship between Zucker and Trump, Zucker said he believes that's one of several factors at work.

"He attacks CNN for a couple of reasons. One, we're relevant. If we weren't relevant, if we didn't matter, he'd just ignore us," Zucker said."He understands that CNN matters. He understands that CNN matters in the United States and around the world. And he understands that CNN has a disproportionate amount of swing and independent voters."

Those are some hard-hitting questions.

CNN reports that CNN is awesome and Trump sucks. Hear this breaking news only on CNN. Also, as a follow-up, CNN's boss is awesome. 

I know CNN is fake news. But does it have to be this fake?