The Khashoggi Circus Continues

Actual events die a natural death. Agendas drag on.

That's the case with Khashoggimania, a grim farce in which Islamists and their regimes backing them, Turkey, Qatar and Iran continue to use the media and top politicians as their hand puppets.

And the media's relentless hysterical propaganda is as nonsensical as it is hilarious.

"GOP senators come out and say it: The Trump administration is covering up Khashoggi's killing," shrieks the Washington Post.

GOP senators is a bit of a stretch since we're actually talking about Bob Corker, the "Republican" who helped protect the Iran sellout, and Lindsay Graham, who like a werewolf only acts like a Republican during a full moon. Neither man has ever met an Islamist they despised.

And Jamal Khashoggi, an old friend of Osama bin Laden's, is their current martyr.

The CIA briefing could have consisted entirely of a chicken clucking or a reading of the D.C. phone book and Corker and Graham would have come out with the same statement.

Lost in all the noise is the question of what any of this has to do with our national interests. The answer only lies in undermining them on behalf of our enemies.