The Media Rediscovers "Fawning"

When Obama, literally, bowed to the Saudi king, the media indignantly reprimanded the "right wingers" who thought there was anything wrong with the scene. But now, in the grips of deepest, darkest Khashoggimania, the media has rediscovered "fawning".

1,001 articles attack Trump for "fawning" on the Saudis.

When Hillary Clinton rolled in with a Reset Button, that was smart diplomacy. When Obama sold out national interests for a chat with Putin, it was smart power. But when Trump merely says something halfway positive about Putin, he's Moscow's man in the White House.

Trump is often accused of "fawning" on dictators by the same media that celebrated the way that Obama bowed, scraped and cringed in front of everyone from the Chinese oligarchy to Hugo Chavez to the Saudi King to Medvedev, Iran and everyone else.

But it was smart power when Obama did it. When Trump fails to launch missiles because the Saudis knocked off an old Osama bin Laden pal, it's fawning.