Elizabeth Warren 2020 Campaign in Chaos

Elizabeth Warren's campaign was always a non-starter. The former prof had the charm of a befuddled porcupine and the warmth of a cold fish all in one. And while lefty media managed to make Bernie Sanders, an abrasive jerk with a short temper and zero grasp of policy, seem cuddly, trying to remake Warren would have been more work than even the media commissars could have managed.

And it doesn't really matter.

Warren had her time in the sun as an anti-Tea Party advocate of socialism. There's been a lot of water under the bridge since. She never had much recognition outside insider circles. And her bid in 2020 was implausible even before her DNA disaster.

Her last shot was in 2016. The people who made Bernie happen were looking for a Hillary alternative. They tried to draft Warren, she wouldn't go up against Hillary, and instead a brand was built around Bernie.

So it's over.

But after the DNA debacle, Warren is having trouble finding staffers worth having for a 2020 bid. Nobody good wants to be attached to a losing campaign. A campaign that would be quickly relegated to the sidelines. Everyone knows that Warren will have to drop out before long, even if she does run. No staffers and no donors means that it's over.

Warren is reportedly considering an apology for her DNA test, but why bother? It's just prolonging the pain.

Elizabeth Warren's poll numbers were poor before this. Trump just helped her destroy what was left of her prospects. 

A 2020 Warren campaign will benefit no one except whatever political remora are cashing in on her. It's time for Warren to admit that she didn't build that.