California Environmentalists Find New Way to Make Housing More Expensive

The dirty truth about environmentalism is that it believes that human beings are the problem with the planet and that if we get rid of people, we'll get rid of the problem.

Environmental policies are meant to drive up prices forcing people out of particular areas. It's a punitive tax whose money is invariably funneled to environmentalists while making life harder for everyone else.

And California is ground zero for environmentalists making life harder for people. Here's example #4508

California officially became the first state in the nation on Wednesday, Dec. 5 to require homes built in 2020 and later be solar powered.

To a smattering of applause, the California Building Standards Commission voted unanimously to add energy standards approved last May by another panel to the state building code.

Two commissioners and several public speakers lauded the new code as “a historic undertaking” and a model for the nation.

A smattering indeed.

Never mind that not all places in California enjoy constant sunshine. Those are just dreary details.

Energy officials estimated the provisions will add $10,000 to the cost of building a single-family home, about $8,400 from adding solar and about $1,500 for making homes more energy-efficient.

That's the official estimate. To get the real numbers, start multiplying.

So more families will have trouble affording, paying for, or remaining in their first home. Meanwhile environmentalists and the People's Republic of China will profit from the added human misery.

It's another historic environmental victory.