NYU Student Government Gives Jewish Students Anti-Semitic BDS Resolution for Chanukah

More of that lefty anti-Semitism we dare not talk about.

It's bad enough that NYU's student government decided to push through an anti-Semitic BDS resolution, but it chose to do so during Chanukah. There's a clear message here and it's as ugly as the rest of the Left.

The student government at New York University passed a BDS resolution on Thursday evening calling on the university to separate its interests from firms such as Lockheed Martin, General Electric and Caterpillar Inc., which do business with Israel.

The final tally, which was conducted by a secret ballot during the fifth night of Hanukkah, was 35 votes in favor, 14 against and 14 abstentions. The BDS measure was backed by 51 campus groups and 34 faculty members.

The faculty groups are the usual mongrel assortment of identity politics clubs and lefty activist groups.

TorchPAC expressed pessimism even before the final result.

“We have known since before the introduction of this resolution that unfortunately, this process is unfair, and systematically silenced our community and our voices, which enabled the passage of this resolution,” posted the group on Facebook. “At the meeting, falsehoods went unchecked, rules of order were not followed and only seven members of our community were able to speak for approximately two minutes each. We will continue to show support for pro-Israel students on this campus and be a strong voice against hate. Our community is strong and united. This resolution will not change that.”

BDS resolutions usually are passed through kangaroo court proceedings in which anti-Semitic activists are allowed to spew limitless hatred while Jewish students are prevented from speaking.

And BDS is undergoing a new shift, with the NYU anti-Semitic movement increasingly targeting Jewish students and organizations in America.

The university had been subject to criticism after a discriminatory joint statement issued in April by 53 NYU student groups, including Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace, which declared that the student organizations would boycott two pro-Israel student groups on campus: Realize Israel and TorchPAC.

The letter states, “Unless you condemn the statement and clarify to students that they are expected to maintain a tolerant, inclusive campus environment during the coming year, we fear that the bigoted, hateful environment initiated at NYU in 2017-2018 will continue to fester and grow, and put your university at risk of violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” which prohibits discrimination based on color, race or national origin in any program or activity that receives federal assistance.

Aside from the two pro-Israel campus groups, there was a call to boycott a variety of groups including the ADL.

Apparently the lessons of the Holocaust at NYU are viewed as more of an instructional manual.