The Mueller Investigation is a Pretext for Obstructing the Investigation of FISA Abuses

Mr. Comey went to Congress and did his usual Colonel Klink routine of knowing nothing about anything at all. But this time he had a fresh excuse for not answering questions about the abuse of the FISA process by the Obama administration in order to spy on the political opposition.

Answering such questions might interfere with the Mueller investigation.

Thus we had the fresh farce of a lawyer from a discredited arm of the government, which has lately taken to executing search warrants against its own whistleblowers (the sort of thing that the media would report on if it too wasn't an arm of the same political faction) refusing to answer questions relevant to the House investigation of government abuses because it would interfere with a later investigation.

Please don't ask questions about Obama's Watergate because it might get in the way of our attempt to Watergate Trump.

The Mueller investigation serves many purposes

1. Helping the Democrats illegitimately reverse the 2016 election

2. Boosting sales of the Washington Post


3. Obstructing any investigation of the FBI surveillance of the political opposition

And for guys like Mueller, it's the latter that may be the most important. Every bit of oxygen that Mueller's coup gets snuffs out any investigation of FISA abuses.