Disgraced Gary Hart, Who Worked With Gorbachev's Foundation Signs Pro-Mueller/Anti-Trump Editorial

Principles, character and monkey business.

44 former senators signed a splashy pro-Mueller, anti-Trump editorial. It's rife with pseudo-principles and dire warnings. "At other critical moments in our history, when constitutional crises have threatened our foundations, it has been the Senate that has stood in defense of our democracy. Today is once again such a time. Regardless of party affiliation, ideological leanings or geography, as former members of this great body, we urge current and future senators to be steadfast and zealous guardians of our democracy by ensuring that partisanship or self-interest not replace national interest."

The subtle thrust is that Senate Republicans should allow the Mueller-Dem coup to go forward under the guise of "national interest".

Signatories to this include Hanoi John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, William Cohen, Chris Dodd, Bob Kerrey and Gary Hart.

Yes, Mr. Monkey Business himself. And Mr. Waitress Sandwich joining him.

If there's anyone who knows zealous and steadfast, it's this bunch. 

Also Gary Hart worked with Green Cross, Gorbachev's foundation, so maybe he could give the Russian thing a rest.

And now a word from Gary Hart, "The new coin in the political realm is Nationalism.  Trump proclaimed it, much to the dismay of historians for whom this summoned the demonic spirits of Hitler and Mussolini.  Since then, many Americans have fallen into line behind our homegrown Il Duce."

Still up to the same old monkey business.