Spotify Flees San Fran HQ Over Homelessness, Violence

Here's a basic pattern.

1. Lefty city subsidizes homelessness.

2. Homelessness spreads along with violence and blight.

3. The same lefty corps that subsidize lefty politics get nervous

4. City announces bold new plan to subsidize homelessness twice as hard, attracting twice as many homeless people, and spreading twice as much crime, blight and violence. Voters cheer this bold new initiative that will finally solve the problem.

5. Corps flee city.

6. City subsidizes homelessness four times as hard, vowing that it will finally solve the problem.

This is the San Fran edition.

Spotify has moved out of its San Francisco office over neighborhood safety concerns.

The music streaming company leased three floors of office space in the Warfield Building at Market and Taylor Streets, back in 2013.

It was an early recipient of the city’s Mid-Market payroll tax break meant to draw tech companies like Spotify and Twitter to the area.

But according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Spotify moved out before the lease ended because employees said they felt unsafe in the area.

Last year, one worker said she was slapped in the face by a homeless woman near the building.

The company didn’t leave San Francisco, though. Spotify’s new address is the Merchants Exchange Building, located at 465 California Street in the Financial District.

At some point it will. 

Most progs will only sacrifice so much for their politics. As I noted yesterday, homeless crime is up sharply in Los Angeles. And much of it is violent.

The number of crimes in which homeless individuals were listed as suspects increased by nearly 50 percent in the city of Los Angeles in 2018.

Crime data provided by the Los Angeles Police Department showed there were 8,906 crime reports between Jan. 1 and Dec. 1 this year in which a homeless person was listed as the suspect, compared with 5,976 for the same time period in 2017.'

LAPD officials said most concerning were the disproportionate number of homeless individuals listed as suspects in physical attacks that cause serious injuries, described as, "aggravated assaults," in police records.

People described as homeless were listed as suspects in 4.3 percent of all crime reported in Los Angeles during the same period in 2018, they were listed as suspects in 12.6 percent of aggravated assaults, the crime records showed.

The lefty corps will flee blighted cities leaving what's left of the middle class and working class with the disaster their politics helped make.