Time Mag Names Osama bin Laden Pal as "Man of the Year"

There was never any chance that Time's Thingy of the Year was going to be President Trump.

Man of the Year used to represent newsmakers, not necessarily ones you agreed with. That's why Hitler was on the list. But these days, Time knows quite well that listing someone the Left doesn't like will mean an outpouring of self-righteous crybully fury and advertiser boycotts. 

The nuance of "We oppose Trump, but he drives 99% of our news cycle" will be lost on people who think sombreros are a hate crime.

So Thing of the Year has become an award for prog causes. Literally. 

It's a way for the media to prop up whatever political narrative agenda it's pushing. So this year it's Jamal Khashoggi, a Muslim Brotherhood media troll and old friend of Osama bin Laden, whose death hit the media harder than 9/11.

Along with some other useful idiots for Islamists causes. And some actual journalists who were killed by a crazy guy.

Then hook that up to Trump and some nebulous War on Truth, in which the media represents truth and its infidel enemies are the liars. And the narrative is set.

What that really means is that the media is narcissistically celebrating itself as the Thing of the Year.

And it's about time.