US Taxpayer Funded Terror Group Prays for Babykiller's Soul

As long as American tax dollars subsidize the Palestinian Authority, they're funding evil.

Front Page's Ari Lieberman reported on the brutal terrorist attack in Israel.

On Sunday, seven Israeli civilians were wounded after Palestinian terrorists in a white sedan sprayed a group of people waiting at a bus stop with automatic machinegun fire. The attack occurred near the community of Ofra, which is situated north of Jerusalem in the Samaria district.

The injured included a pregnant woman, identified as Shira Ish-Ran, who was hit in the abdomen and was initially listed as critical, though her condition has improved somewhat. Her unborn child, who was 30-35 weeks old, was delivered by emergency cesarean section and placed in the neo-natal intensive care unit. His condition is listed as critical and doctors fear he may have incurred a brain injury as a result of the attack. He is currently in a medically induced coma. Both mother and son are at Shaarei Zedek Medical center in Jerusalem.

The child has since passed away.

Amiad Yisrael lived so briefly — three days — that his named was publicized for the first time at his funeral late Wednesday night in Jerusalem’s Mt. of Olives cemetery.

“It’s written in the [Jewish] law that a name must be given to a baby, so your parents gave you the name Amiad Israel,” his paternal grandfather, Rabbi Raphael Ish-Ran, said in a eulogy.

“It’s a name that signifies everything,” Ish-ran said as he uttered his grandson’s name, “Amiad Israel” and explained that it meant the Jewish people would be in the Land of Israel forever.

“Don’t be confused, we are crying, but we are strong,” he said.

Amiad Yisrael was born prematurely as a result of Sunday’s terrorist attack near Ofraand died on Wednesday evening. After his delivery in an emergency C-section, doctors in Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center fought unsuccessfully to save his live for 72 hours.

“You didn’t even live for four days,” the baby’s maternal grandfather Chaim Silberstein said as he eulogized his grandson. 

Earlier in the day, the baby’s parents, Shira and Amichai Ish-ran – hospitalized themselves for injuries sustained in the attack – visited the baby for the first and last time.

Shira has vowed to bring more children in this world in response to the murder of her son.

Palestinian Media Watch's report offers another example.of the evil that we subsidized as Palestinian Authority's ruling Fatah movement celebrate the babykiller.

The Israeli baby who had to be delivered prematurely because its mother was shot and seriously wounded in a terror attack last week died yesterday. 

Today, Abbas' Fatah Movement "prays for the soul" of the baby's murderer.

Today, Fatah honors these two murderers as "heroes of the homeland" in several posts on Facebook. Fatah wished the murderers "eternity and glory," praised their "pure blood" and "pure soul," and described the "scent of musk of the Martyr."

And while Fatah is "praying for the souls" of these murderers, it expects them to unite "In Paradise - the meeting place":

I don't think that's quite the place that babykillers go in any other religion than Islam.