Parents Who Take Children Through the Desert, Not the Border Patrol, Endanger Their Lives

Nothing kills common sense like ideology.

In the same society where we treat leaving a child in a car as child abuse, the media insists that it's not the parents dragging a little girl on a quest to illegally enter the country who caused her death, but the Border Patrol. And, once the ideological position is set, the narrative follows.

Common sense alone should have made it obvious that it's not the United States government, but her family, that failed to provide food and water to the little girl on a distant trek.

But there's no ideological premium in admitting the obvious. And the illegal migrant movement needs martyrs. So instead of calling this what it is, terrible parenting, the effort is on to blame border security efforts for the girl's death.

The ugly truth is that maintaining open borders created a magnet that killed that little girl. When Pelosi and Schumer sneer at the idea of building a wall, they have blood on their hands.