The "Individual Mandate" Has Always Been ObamaCare's Achilles Heel

ObamaCare is terrible. And the "Individual Mandate" is the most terrible part of it, thuggish, presumptuous and blatantly illegal. 

Even ObamaCare proponents hated the mandate. And it was the most legally vulnerable part of ObamaCare because it demanded that people buy health insurance as a condition for living, a European policy wildly out of step with American law and sensibilities.

The Supreme Court's defense of the mandate rang blatantly false. It was not a tax. It was a fine. It was a giveaway to companies, an attempt to compensate them by turning every man, woman and child in the country into their economic hostages.

Pulling the fine further crippled it. The Trump administration showed a complete disinterest in enforcing anything. The IRS made the mandate a dead letter.

And the latest judicial ruling out of Texas uses the mandate to pull down the house of cards that Obama built.

Not that the ruling will stick. The Supreme Court has already shown that it's willing to violate the Constitution to avoid trashing ObamaCare.

It did it once. It'll do it again.

But the latest ruling is a reminder that ObamaCare is dead weight and the mandate, even in death, keeps dragging it down.