Anti-Israel BDS Activist's Threats Cause Jewish Center Shutdown at NYU

And the anti-Semitic thug is predictably using Michelle Goldberg's "It's not Anti-Semitism, it's Anti-Zionism" defense.

(JTA) — A Jewish center at New York University closed temporarily after concern over threatening social media posts.

The Edgar M. Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU was closed for most of the day on Wednesday.

“We became aware of several public online postings by an NYU student which were anti-Semitic in nature and potentially threatening,” Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, executive director of the center, wrote in an email to students on Tuesday night.

According to SJPUncovered, a Jewish civil rights account, it included a call for the death of Jews by Alejandro Villa Vásquez, who had formerly worked on the NYU student paper, and allegedly admitted that, “i expressed my desire for zionists to die.”

And there were apparently some Hitler posts.

But the BDS supporter then explained, "I expressed extremely aggressive views toward Zionists because they believe in the genocide of ethnic and religious minorities. Since then, people have been conflating my anti-Zionist views with anti-Semitism... It’s been explained to me why people are taking my anti-Zionist views the way they are though, and so I regret it. To anyone that genuinely feels scared, I’m sorry — I would have done things differently had I known it would actually instill fear in innocent people."

It's been explained to me that wanting people to die could instill fear in them.

The anti-Israel activist also seems to be a fan of Rep. Rashida Tlaib